Jacky is a co-author to a book, Rituals and Traditions: Fostering a Sense of Community in Preschool, published by NAEYC in Fall of 2015. In addition, she has written articles for early childhood professional journals, and had an ongoing column for NAEYC’s Teaching Young Children called “Intermission”. She has also presented webinars on various topics through Early Childhood Investigations Webinars. Workshops can be individualized for your program or organization. For specifics on a workshop or training, please contact Jacky at azspire@gmail.com


Come on In! How Directors and Teachers Can Use Rituals and Traditions to Create Community!
by Jacky Howell and Kimberly Reinhard
, December 2, 2015

Jacky Howell and Kimberly Reinhard, co-authors of the new book Rituals and Traditions: Fostering a Sense of Community in Preschool, looked at ways that administrators and lead teachers can create community and develop relationships with children, families and staff by rituals and traditions. Tangible ideas on how to start creating rituals and traditions that are daily, monthly, annual events, special days as well as connecting rituals. Stories and examples were shared from not only the authors programs, but many others who have discovered the importance of creating rituals and traditions. Attendees left with many ideas to use both classroom and program wide that will leave lasting memories for children, families, and staff.

For more information, visit: https://www.earlychildhoodwebinars.com/presentations/come-on-in-how-directors-and-lead-teachers-can-use-rituals-and-traditions-to-create-community-by-jacky-howell/

Using Books for Social-Emotional Development: Literature that Helps Children Explore Feelings

by Jacky Howell and Kimberly Reinhard, March 16, 2016
Being a little one can be an emotional roller coaster! There are lots of big feelings and relationships with highs, and lows, twists and turns. Early educators need all of the tools and strategies they can get to help children manage the ride!  Books are the perfect tools to engage and inspire children with stories that include social-emotional concepts. Books with themes related to big feelings open doors for conversations and help children grapple with issues that might ordinarily go unaddressed. This unique webinar presented by expert educators and teacher trainers, Jacky Howell and Kimberly Reinhard, included a roundup of some of the most captivating children’s books that encourage social emotional development and spark children’s play. The webinar explored some of the best children’s literature that is focused on exploring social and emotional themes.

For more information, visit:http://www.earlychildhoodwebinars.com/presenters/jacky-howell-ma/

Create a Culture of Acceptance and Kindness in a Challenging World; It All Starts in Your Early Childhood Program!

by Jacky Howell, March 27, 2017

In a time where there seems to be many negative messages in the media and beyond, we in early childhood programs experience the effects on young children.  The webinar shares a variety of ideas and strategies to use in your programs that embrace a culture of acceptance and kindness.

For more information, visithttps://www.earlychildhoodwebinars.com/presentations/create-culture-acceptance-kindness-challenging-world-starts-early-childhood-program-jacky-howell/

Wonder-Filled Environments: Engaging All Children in Learning
by Jacky Howell, Derry Koralek and Julia Luckenbill,  September 26, 2018

You’ve probably seen a photo of something that made you think, “What a great environment.” For example, for one of the presenters of this webinar, it was a photo of a baby lying inside a hula hoop reaching for the many colorful ribbons and fabric swatches tied to the hoop. One could imagine this simple part of the environment being used today for this baby and at a later date for another child as he or she becomes ready for tummy time.  This webinar looks at environments for infants-toddler places and preschool places.

For more information:  https://www.earlychildhoodwebinars.com/presentations/wonder-filled-early-childhood-environments-engaging-all-children-in-learning/


Jacky has MANY more topics in addition to the ones listed below.  She also can design a session based on your program's needs.

The Spirit Whisperer: Looking at our Relationships with Young Children

Together We’re Better: Activities that Build Caring Connections Between Children
The Seven Essential Life Skills for Children: Looking at Ellen Galinsky’s book, Mind in the Making
Mirrors, Windows, & Magnifying Glasses: Reflections on Our Relationships with Children
Starting Your Year Off Right: Building Classroom Community
Understanding the Culture of Early Childhood: Growing and Improving the Quality of Our Work with Children
Partnering With Change: Keeping Afloat When Change Happens in Our Programs
Connections That Endure: Creating Community Using Rituals and Traditions
Community as Learning in the Infant/Toddler Program: Sharing Strategies
Community as Learning in the Preschool Program: Sharing Strategies
Talking with Young Children: For Learning and for Love

"Learning from the Book, The Importance of Being Little—What Preschoolers Really Need from Adults”


Reflecting on Positive Discipline: Moving Beyond Time Outs to Learning Social-Emotional Skills
Why Do They Do the Things They Do?”—Understanding Young Children’s Behavior
What Makes You Think So?”  Creating Conversations with Children
Helping Children Handle Their Feelings by Managing Our Own
Use Your Words: Reflecting on Communication
Using Six Core Strengths that Contribute to Children’s Social-Emotional Development
How We Can Stay Positive and Encourage Positivity in Children—Using the Energy Bus
Children That Challenge Us: Ideas to Consider
Promoting Kindness and Empathy: Skills That Benefit All of Us


Note: Three-part series on Reflective Discipline available. Contact Jacky at azspire@gmail.com for more information!

Beyond Bert and Ernie: Puppets as Partners in the Classroom
Creating Active Circle Times
What’s Going to Happen Next?  Incorporating Storytelling Into Your Curriculum
Out of the Housekeeping Corner and Onto the Stage
Choosing and Caring for a Classroom Pet

Strategies for Passionate Teaching:—Moving from Ho Hum to Excellence
Positive Teacher Talk: How Teacher Talk Helps Children Learn
Inspired Teaching: Starting the Year with Fresh Ideas
Creating Classroom Environments Designed for Childhoods
It’s Still About Play: Keeping and Explaining Play as the Way Young Children Learn
From Observations to Lesson Plans: How Knowing and Understanding Children Helps Us Plan
Starting Your Year Off Right: Beginning the New Year with Children at the Center
Creating Lesson Plans that are Meaningful and Engaging for Children AND You!


Parents as Partners in Early Childhood Classrooms
Learning Through Play: What Does that Mean?  What Does It Look Like?

Partners on the Path of Childhood
Being a Reflective and Intentional Teacher: Sharing Ideas and Strategies
Looking at the “Importance of Being Little” from a Teacher’s Perspective
We Can’t Care for Children Unless we First Care for Ourselves

"The Heart of Our Work: Stories of Our Children"

Lifesavers for Leaders: Tips for Growing as a Manager and Still Remain Sane!
Growing as a Leader: Lessons learned from the book, Powerful Interactions
Growing our Staff into Strong Teams through Communicating, Supervising, and Coaching
Leading from the Heart

Our school has worked many years with Jacky as a consultant and trainer.  She is knowledgeable about many topics—leadership, professional development, curriculum, for instance—and is a great resource to us!  She is positive, engaging, insightful and listens well to teachers.  She brings decades of knowledge...and does so with an attitude of respect.  I recommend her highly!!"
—James Clay, Former Director, School for Friends


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