We offer collaborative consulting, coaching, and professional development for early childhood programs committed to building communities of joyful, lifelong learning.

Welcome Lifelong Learners

Founded by experienced early care and education expert Jacky Howell, Azspire is a diverse team of talented consultants who provide interactive consulting, coaching, and mentoring in early childhood classrooms, offices, and conference rooms. We believe that learning is lifelong and we all have gifts to give and new ideas to explore and understand.  We work with you to identify program strengths and challenges in your program, add a dash of inspiration, and work with classrooms to build a strong community of continuous quality.

Professional Development

Our unique consulting formula couples formal virtual and onsite professional development with hands-on coaching and mentoring.  This strong combination of instruction and practice offers teachers the intensive guidance they often need to sustain developmentally appropriate practices.  Jacky Howell and her team believe in facilitating learning communities among teachers, administrators, and all who work in the field of early childhood.  Aszpire also facilitates book study groups, creates online/virtual learning communities, and provides extensive consultations with program leaders, and much more!

Coaching and Consulting

Azspire identifies the most up-to-date and relevant resources, attend conferences and webinars, review blogs, and read and write books and articles.  As the author of the NAEYC publication, Rituals, and Traditions: Building a Sense of Community in Preschool, Jacky offers practical strategies based on her years of work as a classroom teacher, as an early childhood program administrator, and now a consultant.  Azspire’s team provides in-person and virtual consulting to classroom teams and administrators. Our sessions are available in Spanish by Azspire’s consultant, Graciela Semidey.


Jacky Howell has presented sessions and keynote addresses at conferences both nationally and internationally. She has presented at NAEYC, universities, family child care associations, conferences, and individual programs for many years. Azspire’s consultants have shared sessions on a variety of timely and important topics to the early childhood community, including sessions on kindness, equity, rituals, and traditions, building community, social/emotional development, and more! Keynote addresses from Azspire are inspirational, interactive, and provide participants with ideas they can take back to their program immediately.

Supportive Resources

Azspire believes in sharing ideas and resources with the early childhood community!

Jacky Howell has written many articles, a book and continues to present webinars on relevant topics to early childhood education.  In addition, Azspire’s team provides both inspiration and resources that motivate us all in the field to continue our work and our growth.  Check out the current resources and join our mailing list to be notified when new resources have been added.

About Azspire

After working many years in the early childhood field as a teacher, administrator, course instructor, and speaker, Jacky Howell decided to start her own company, Azspire LLC.  As a passionate and strong advocate for children and teachers, Jacky and her colleagues believe in keeping involved directly in the field and keeping current so that coaching and workshop sessions are fresh and meaningful. Azspire’s team works hands-on in the field when possible and presents now virtually as requested/required.  Let us know how we can work with you!  You will find our work is not only informative and relevant; it is uplifting.

Our Events

We often present virtual Keynote presentations, workshops, and webinars . Join us as we present a variety of important early childhood education topics at virtual conferences around the country. We look forward to “seeing” you there!

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