Jacky Howell, along with the entire team at Azspire, provide a training experience across the early childhood spectrum, reaching teachers, leadership, and parents.


Jacky Howell and her team at Azspire can provide a wide variety of consulting options based on best practice and current knowledge of the field.  Azspire identifies the most up-to-date and relevant resources, attend conferences and webinars, review blogs, read and write books and articles, and have been hands-on in programs for many years. Working with administrators, owners, board of directors, and teachers, Azspire customizes consulting according to each program’s needs.  As the author of the NAEYC publication, Rituals and Traditions: Building a Sense of Community in Preschool, Jacky offers practical strategies based on her years as a classroom teacher.  Azspire provides both on-site or virtual consultations.  Graciela Semidey, one of Azspire’s consultants, can provide coaching in Spanish.  Both Jacky and Graciela have experience as administrators that enhance their work with programs.  Talk to us about your program and let’s discover how we can work together. 

Jacky Howell, along with the entire team at Azspire, provide a training experience across the early childhood spectrum, reaching teachers, leadership, and families. 

My child care center has worked with Jacky for almost 20 years. I call her, My walking book of knowledge on child development”. She is all about the well being of children and a great advocate. She has trained our staff on multiple topics pertaining to child development. The trainings are informative and fun. The staff are always excited to hear when she will be there to visit or do a training. Also, she has given us strategies to help us implement new policies and improve our curriculum to create a quality care program. We are very thankful and appreciate her so much. WE LOVE JACKY!!!

-Ravion Wynn, Assistant Director,

Broadcaster’s Child Development Center, Washington, DC


Azspire’s team of consultants have worked in the field as practitioners for many years and bring that experience to their coaching. We believe in a strengths base approach that honors the gifts that each member of a classroom or program can bring to their work. Whether one-on-one or in small groups, we can offer coaching to both teachers and administrators. Azspire currently offers virtual coaching and mentoring, yet look forward to the day we can return to programs in person.


Just as we focus on teachers growing in observation skills in order to best plan for children, sometimes teachers and programs benefit from an outside perspective.  Azspire’s team is familiar with a variety of observation tools and can share ideas with you from how to help a team work best together, to setting up classroom environments, to how to prepare for NAEYC accreditation or any outside assessment being done on a program. 

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