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Jacky Howell will present Turn Challenging Behavior Into Prosocial Learning : A New Year Brings New Opportunities on September 30, 2021.

The first few weeks of school mean everything!

Being proactive and intentional is often them most effective strategy teachers can use to set children up for success. This is especially true when it comes to prosocial learning. Young children need teachers to help them navigate life in early childhood programs. The early days of the school year offer the greatest opportunities for helping children be safe, follow routines, and treat their classmates as they would like to be treated. Learning to follow a new classrooms’ rules is like learning a new language to young children. You can prevent a lot of negative interactions, frustration, and tears (for children and their teachers) by thinking about the environment, the class routine, your expectations, and the developmental capabilities of the children you teach. Join early childhood author and expert, Jacky Howell in this free webinar to explore your role as the facilitator of prosocial learning in your classroom early in the school year.

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