Join us at the OSSE and Capital Quality Summer Institute.

Session B2: Caring for Ourselves as Educators – Reconnecting to Joy and Purpose, Friday, July 9, 2021
Presenter: Jacky Howell, Azpire LLC


Session Description: Over this past year and longer now our work with children, families and each other has been particularly challenging, both emotionally and physically. The pandemic altered the rules of engagement and teaching and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. We as educators care for others, yet as Dr. Becky Bailey says, “We cannot offer to others what we don’t possess for ourselves.” Self-care during this time of multiple stressors can be rooted in reconnecting to the joy of this work and our purpose. This interactive session will offer not only ideas, but opportunities to connect with those joyful moments with each other that celebrate us and this amazing profession. Resources will also be provided! Ten different strategies will be shared related to self-care, joy and purpose. Participants will have opportunities to add ideas in chat or voice to uplift others. Resources for self-care will also be provided.


Session E: Removing Barriers through Literature and Language (Spanish), Friday, July 9, 2021
Sesión E: Eliminando Barreras a través de la Literatura y el Lenguaje (Español)
Presenter: Graciela Semidey, Azpire LLC

Session Description: This session has been designed to support the audience’s understanding of the principle that each child has different and unique characteristics, interests, capacities and learning needs and it should be the educational systems’ responsibility to respect for their unique family and cultural perspectives, their funds of knowledge. At the end of the session, the audience will be able to understand the definition of linguistically and culturally diverse, identify the opportunities for growth that linguistically and culturally diverse provides for children and families and identify and develop strategies to work with children and their families.

Descripción: Esta sesión ha sido diseñada para ayudar a la audiencia a comprender el principio que sostiene que cada niño tiene características, intereses, capacidades y necesidades de aprendizaje diferentes y únicos, y debe ser responsabilidad de los sistemas educativos respetar sus perspectivas familiares y culturales únicas, las cuales son las bases de su conocimiento. Al final de la sesión, la audiencia podrá: Comprender la definición de diversidad lingüística y cultural, identificar las oportunidades de crecimiento que brinda la diversidad lingüística y cultural e identificar y desarrollar estrategias para trabajar con los niños y sus familias.

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