NEW ARTICLE!! Meeting Nel Noddings, by Lynnette Haley O’Stewart and Carol Garboden Murray


The article for this month’s resources comes from Child Care Information Exchange Magazine, November/December 2020 issue.  This was a visit with Nel Noddings, who recently passed away this past August 2022.   I often talk in my professional development sessions that there are “names to know” that have done so much work in our field—and this is one.  Way way back when I was working on sessions around kindness, empathy, rituals and traditions, I started reading the works of Nel Noddings, and still have the book, The Challenge to Care in Schools: An Alternative Approach to Education.  Her work on the theory of care was influential in my thinking and writing.  I continue to work and learn about empathy, caring, kindness, and perspective-taking in our field.  With three of my colleagues, we are working on a book on this topic.  More to come on that!