The Spirit Whisperer: Looking at our Relationships with Young Children
Together We’re Better: Activities that Build Caring Connections Between Children **can be done in Spanish/English
The Seven Essential Life Skills for Children: Looking at Ellen Galinsky’s book, Mind in the Making **can be done in Spanish/English
Mirrors, Windows, & Magnifying Glasses: Reflections on Our Relationships with Children
Starting Your Year Off Right: Building Classroom Community **can be done in Spanish/English
Understanding the Culture of Early Childhood: Growing and Improving the Quality of Our Work with Children
Partnering With Change: Keeping Afloat When Change Happens in Our Programs
Connections That Endure: Creating Community Using Rituals and Traditions
Community as Learning in the Infant/Toddler Program: Sharing Strategies **can be done in Spanish/English
Community as Learning in the Preschool Program: Sharing Strategies **can be done in Spanish/English
Talking with Young Children: For Learning and for Love
Learning from the Book, “The Importance of Being Little—”What Preschoolers Really Need from Adults”
Learning from the Book, “Really Seeing Children.”
Looking at the Goals of the Anti-Bias Curriculum: Creating a Kind, Caring, Compassionate Classroom that Respects Diversity
Creating Community that Reflects Joy and Kindness
Other topics by Request!!

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