Join Jacky Howell at the 4th National Learning Stories Conference for Sharing a Journey of Learning Stories: From Responsive Observation to Creating Meaningful Curriculum.

Saturday, October 2nd at 3:15 pm est
75-Minute Workshop


During the time of the pandemic, we began exploring how to create meaningful and experiential curriculum together at many of the programs where I consult. This session will share the experiences of one of those programs from the perspective of a consultant and teachers. We moved from learning about truly building connections observing children using ideas from Tom Drummond’s work. We focused on becoming better listeners and finding best ways to respond and document a child’s thinking through learning stories. We will share how teachers were able to create learning stories and the process they went through, how they use them now in documenting for weekly journals, and the way learning stories can be used as feedback to teachers. In addition, we will share ways these learning stories are being used to create experiential curriculum from infants through preschoolers. Participants will be involved in discussions with the consultant that designed and led the sessions as well as the teachers who are using learning stories in their work.


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